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One-Button Shopping on Twitter App – Stripe Launches Relay API

By September 15, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

One-Button Shopping on Twitter App - Stripe Launches Relay API 1

According to Stripe’s co-founder, Patrick Collison, only around 15% of online sales take place through phone. Despite mobile search matching up to desktop search in terms of volume, the web continues to be the mainstay for online purchases. Both mobile web and app are difficult to work with. Stripe, an app valued at over $5 billion, stands out in the crowd because it eliminates the hurdles in mobile shopping. It allows anyone to accept credit card payments online without any complicated settings. You don’t have to have any advanced technical knowledge or skills.

New Relay API

Stripe has launched its new Relay API that allows you to build a virtual catalogue that can be used for selling their products on Twitter. You will now be able to allow buyers to make purchases from within the Twitter app. Using this new API is extremely easy.

Relay will allow merchants to sell their items using a buy button. The button could be placed within the Twitter app. According to Stripe, more sales will take place on mobile. But it believes that an increasing number of people will want to purchase directly from within apps like Twitter instead of going to retailer sites on their smartphones.

Retailers Already using Stripe

Saks Fifth Avenue and Warby Parker are few of the initial retailers who sold their goods using new services from Stripe. The start-up has plans for promoting Relay with almost a quarter of a million merchants who are already using Stripe on their online stores.

Other retailers who are using Relay include Shopstyle – fashion marketplace, Spring – mobile shopping app, and InMobi –the mobile advertising platform. Merchants will now be able to place their buy button on Twitter or other apps within a few minutes. This will simplify the process that used to require the help of developers and the support of Twitter in the past.

Twitter’s Ecommerce Potential

According to Twitter’s Nathan Hubbard, commerce head, the micro-blogging site has over 50 million users who show intent for purchase every month. He agreed that the integration of the new API, Relay by Stripe, will help Twitter in closing the gap between its users’ desire to purchase and the ability to meet that desire.

Earlier, Stripe had worked with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for creating plain buy buttons – but on their websites.

Benefits of Relay for Twitter

Twitter app has nothing but only to gain by its new collaboration with Stripe. It is going to become the new place for purchase and sale of items. The micro blogging site has had been struggling as it appeared to be inaccessible to users looking to buy stuff. Marketers will now be more willing to spend on tweets with the potential for converting into sales.

But with Amazon Prime out there, and offering an easier single-click shopping experience, Twitter may still have to go a long way.

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