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Online Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season

By October 3, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Online Marketing Strategies for the Holiday Season 1

This Black Friday, over 30% of UK shoppers are geared to buy online. This is a big growth over the last year, when only 8% took the Internet way to shop online. The same is expected throughout the Holiday Season. For the first time Black Friday is expected to be a £1 billion internet shopping day! If you have not geared your online marketing strategies to make the most of this massive sales opportunity, it is time you took the right steps.

UK Ecommerce Share

According to eMarketer, the UK ranks to be the top market in ecommerce share, contributing almost 15% of the overall global retail sales market. The ecommerce sales figure is expected to cross £60 billion this year. Black Friday may still be relatively new to the UK, it has still grown to unprecedented proportions. With the holiday season round the corner, it is time to boost your online marketing strategy. Here are the best tactics that can help you maximise your online sales.

Make the Most of Social Media

  • Brand Your Social Media Pages – Enrich your brand by adding some festive mood to your social media pages. Upgrade your Twitter and Facebook icons, cover photos and other graphics.
  • Run Social Media Contests – Create contests with giveaways to create a buzz. Ask your social media followers to share their ranks for earning more points. The more your contests are shared, the more people will get involved and your brand will get wider exposure.
  • Encourage People to Share their Stories – Encourage your followers to share their holiday stories and memories. Engage in conversation with them and you can learn more about their preferences while also giving exposure to your brand.

Include Holiday Keywords in SEO

Your SEO campaign needs some major changes during the holiday season. Make sure to target keywords that contain holiday-specific keywords. Customise them based on your products or services. Also make changes to your content and blog posts, backlinks and on page strategies. Perform keyword research to find out which keyphrases are driving the most amount of traffic to your site; and use their holiday versions.

Use Retargeting Ads & Search Ads

Retargeting ads have a very high rate of converting visitors. They display banner ads to people who have already visited your website. These ads are a reminder that the products they are looking for are still available with you. You may add a holiday touch to the ads to make them more appealing.

Email Holiday Marketing

Email marketing is already the leading holiday marketing strategy. You cannot afford to ignore it. Emails should be sent out for all your:

  • Promotions
  • Shipping related information
  • Other activities

It will help to be as creative with your holiday email designs.

Be Mobile-Commerce Ready

This year it is expected that one in four ecommerce transactions is likely to take place on a smartphone or tablet. So make sure your website is mobile-commerce ready. With the size of mobile screens getting larger by the day, mobile commerce is becoming easier. It is easier to shop on screens with which are over 5 inches. Your site should be responsive to help you gain the competitive edge. Major improvements in mobile payment systems have further made mobile shopping easier than ever.

You will need the help of an online marketing expert to implement the right strategies. It is recommended to visit to learn from the experts.