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Have You Optimised Your Site for Google AMP?

By February 1, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google launched the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative almost a year ago. It is an initiative to load pages at a much faster rate than the standard mobile pages. The results can be near instant and give a big boost to user experience. After a year of launch, the AMP results for Google News show significant growth. The Google News section, when measured for mobile users, was found to have increased more than 100% in the past week.

Country-wise AMP Content Increase

The share of AMP content in Google News was around 32% a week ago (for mobile users in the U.K.). The share has increased to around 66% now. The trend has been seen across the globe. AMP optimised news content within Google Top Stories (for mobile) has increased at a staggering rate throughout the world.

The changes in some of the key countries are as following:

  • United Kingdom         : 32% to 66%
  • Canada                       : 43% to 74%
  • Japan                          : 20% to 42%
  • Italy                             : 13% to 84%
  • Germany                     : 12% to 66%
  • France                         : 8% to 77%
  • Australia                     : 3% to 61%

Google is yet to give a statement on this significant surge in AMP content in its news section. Whatever the underlying reason, this will help improve mobile user experience for those looking for news content in Google News. Developing AMP content will also help advertisers who want to promote their brand or products through online PR campaigns.

Initial Release

During the initial months, very few AMP optimised articles were found in Google News (in mobile). Initially, the percentage of AMP content in mobile news section was less than 18% in the United Kingdom.

When Google first launched AMP in its News Box (mobile) in February 2016, users were introduced to amazingly fast and instant-loading cards that were never experienced before. Yet, not many publishers embraced the new technology. It was difficult to come across AMP icon even in 1 in 4 results. However, that gradually changed over the year. With the latest report, it is apparent that a significant percentage of publishers are now taking advantage of it to deliver better user experience to their mobile users.

It is worth mentioning that a significant percentage of mobile users browse the web to read news.

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