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Outage at Yahoo and Bing Search Due to Bad Code Update

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Outage at Yahoo and Bing Search Due to Bad Code Update 1

Yahoo and Bing search were affected last weekend and almost shut down in many regions. The problem was experienced on Friday evening as people used Yahoo! search but received nothing but an error message.

Bad Code Update

According to reports, Microsoft had introduced an upgrade. It turned out to be a bad code and then experts at Yahoo tried re-setting it, but couldn’t. This led to Bing’s search function getting affected for some time. Yahoo’s searches are powered by Bing and this led to a ripple effect that sent both Yahoo and Bing into a blackout for some time.

According to Reuters, Microsoft attempted to pull back the code update but was unable to do so. This forced the company to shut down its servers to re-set everything to the previous stage. Even after the problem was resolved, Yahoo faced some issues in handling the build-up of all the searches.

Microsoft Confirms No Attack

Microsoft has officially announced that no external attack was involved in the outage. The company spokesperson has said that there was some problem with Yahoo during the weekend, but it has been corrected and search processes are at normal now.

Microsoft has been powering Yahoo! with Bing search for several years now. Yahoo has been the default search engine for Mozilla web browser. Previously, Mozilla was using Google for its default searches.

Impact of the Search Outage

Outage at Yahoo and Bing Search Due to Bad Code Update 2

It is expected that the effect of the search outage wasn’t much. This was probably because Yahoo and Bing aren’t used as much as Google. In December, Google’s search engine market share in the UK was over 88%. Bing and Yahoo! controlled a mere 6.6% and 3.9% respectively.

Yahoo’s Future Prospects

Yahoo continues to have a tough time furthering its search engine power. Whilst it held significant market share during the 90s, its shares started falling in the 21st century. In 2009, Yahoo did something surprising and became partner with Bing by appointing them as their paid search platform.

Bing was launched by Microsoft, as recently as in 2009. It was the replacement for its MSN Live Search. The new search engine appears to be the only challenge to Google, but it is still too far behind the search giant.

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