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Paid Search Ads: Why You Cannot Ignore this Online Marketing Strategy

By January 10, 2019 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Search ads continue to be effective in all different market environments. This is despite the fact that most users know that they are clicking on ads. A new survey has attempted to determine why people click on search ads. The survey has covered major search engines and websites including Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Bing.

Findings about Search Ad Clicks

The top reasons why people claimed they clicked on paid search ads include:

  • Answering search queries
  • Seeing a brand they are familiar with
  • The ads were listed above other search results
  • The ads had compelling headline, image or description

The survey also pointed out several other interesting and valuable findings related to clicks on search ads. 49% of the respondents claimed that they clicked on text ads. Whilst 16% clicked on video ads, 31% clicked on shopping ads.

Almost 8 in 10 respondents recognised search ads within search results. The survey also found that people are more likely to click on ads within Google than in other search engines. This may be probably due to the trust and brand value that the search giant has built over the years.

The overall inference from this survey is that you should create ad copies that should be well-connected to the queries.

How to Increase Your Ad Click-Through Rates?

Now that you realize how effective paid search campaigns are, it is worth taking the right steps to increase the click-through rates to your ads.

Some of the most effective strategies revolve around the following factors:

1. Competitor Keywords

Even if Google and other search engines claim to have moved onto machine learning-based algorithms, keywords still matter. You should research competitor keywords and try to include them into your headlines. It is likely that the most competitive keywords may not always work. Targeting competitor keywords can, however, be of great benefit.

2. Create High-Quality Ad Copies

When you add the right keywords to the headline and copy, it is going to help you boost your ad ranking. You will still have to do something more to increase the click-through rates. You should create high-converting ad copies. Create a headline and ad copy that draws your target audience to click by resonating with their problem or need and promising to provide a solution.

3. Make the Most of Expanded Text Ads/Extensions

When it comes to the headlines and ad copy, you should maintain the perfect balance in the size of the content. There are places where brevity can be of great help in driving clicks. Then there are places where you should use expanded text ads.

Expanded ads can be perfect for ads targeting long-tail keywords. They are also beneficial where more words are required to persuade your audience.

So follow these tips to increase click through rates for your search ads. Visit for more information and to get help from certified paid search experts.