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Penguin Update after 2 Years: Real Time Filter & More Page-Specific

By September 28, 2016 No Comments

The Penguin algorithm has received an update and now it runs in real time as part of Google’s core search algorithm. The algorithm that turned the fortunes of many websites in the past gets its last update, announcement according to Google. The search engine will not be announcing any Penguin updates in the future. It was almost 2 years ago that it was updated. So what’s new with the Penguin v4.0?

Its Real Time

Penguin is a unique filter that goes beyond the search engine’s regular spam-detection systems. First launched in 2012, it affected a significant percentage of websites worldwide. Any site that was hit the last time (2014) had to wait until the next time the filter ran. And it is after 2 years that the filter has run again. So if you corrected the issues with your site, it is only now that your site could be free of any penalties. However, you will no longer have to wait for years because Penguin now runs in real time.

Google is constantly re-crawling and re-indexing pages. From now on, the Penguin filter will also run regularly. So even if your page is penalized now, it could be freed in a short time after you have rectified the problem.

More Focus on Page

With the latest update, Penguin is now focused more on the page than on the site. This means that your whole site will not be affected for a violation on a single webpage. In the past Penguin would penalize the entire site. To be more precise, Google claims that the algorithm will now work at a more granular level. That’s good news for everyone.

With Penguin becoming real-time, Google will no longer be announcing any updates. So this is the last time the search engine has announced a Penguin update.

Penguin Update is Still Rolling Out

The real-time form of Penguin update has not yet become fully live. Observations show that it is still rolling out. It’s expected that the process will be complete in a few weeks. So if you notice that changes to your site are being updated quickly, the algorithm update may have reached you.

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