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Pinterest Announces More Advanced Visual Search Feature

By June 20, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Pinterest has long been working on computer vision technology. More recently it has begun applying it to its visual search queries too. If the social media platform is to succeed with its latest innovation, it is going to become the ‘Google’ of visual search. This can not only mean new search avenues for users, but also a new unique platform for SEOs.

Pinterest is working on making photos searchable similar to text. It began with delivering similar images to identifying elements within images. Then it began converting them into search queries. Now, it can also target ads based on images.

How Does Visual Search Work?

When you come across an item and cannot identify it, you can take a picture of the item and get the help of Pinterest to know what it is. However, this is not the only company that has been working on this technology. Google itself has been working on visual search, and so have been Amazon and Facebook.

The team at Pinterest thinks that they have some advantage when it comes to identifying objects within pictures. In fact, it also has the capability to recognise the brands within those pictures.

According to Pinterest, the technology is much more advanced than when they began working on it. Visual search can now match brands and products in a much more effective way than ever before. Pinterest truly has a greater edge over others when it comes to evaluating brand-related images, and this can help it monetise its visual search feature with great success. This is especially because it site has a large repository of high-quality professional product images.

Data Advantage to Pinterest

The data available to Pinterest is not only growing but it is also being refined on a regular basis.

  • Every time new images are pinned, they also get captions.
  • People are always searching for images using keywords

Pinterest has been able to develop its visual search technology using its access to this vast source of data. When this system is fully operational, it will turn users’ phone cameras into keyboards and images will become the search queries. The objects within the images will thus become keywords.

With visual search, Pinterest, Google and other search platforms are expected to make search even simpler and quicker. If you want to make the most of search engine optimisation or search engine marketing, it is recommended to visit  for more information. You can also get professional SEO and SEM assistance to help achieve your online marketing goals.