Pinterest, the popular photo sharing app, has added a series of new features in its latest update. Not only has the visual search icon been redesigned, the visual search Chrome extension can also be used without the need for signing-in. A much needed zoom feature has also been added. Now users will be able to zoom-in on pins, something which was strangely not allowed earlier.

Using Pinterest’s visual search engine has become easier than before.

Zoom-in Feature

Now you can zoom in on pins when you are using the Pinterest app. The pinch-to-zoom works just like on any photo on your smartphone, but Pinterest allows it even on GIFs. The new feature will allow its users to view multiple objects within the same pin. This will further help improve its visual search development.

Pinterest has developed a unique computer vision technology that can identify multiple objects within images. This technology allows its algorithm to index more objects and also create connection or relevance between different objects. This helps the photo sharing app to both identify objects and find relevant objects across pins.

Pinterest will also be testing the automatic application of its visual search engine on the objects zoomed in. This can help create advertising opportunities for online sellers.

Improved Visual Search

Now you can also search for individual objects in a pin. Initially, you will have to use the visual search icon on top of the image to conduct visual search of a particular object. The icon has become simpler. There is a viewfinder and the icon is now available at the bottom right concern.

According to Pinterest, there has been a surge of almost 70% in the number of people using its visual search feature. It has attributed the reason to the new icon. At the same time, the visual search engine will also be made available to a new platform (beyond Pinterest’s site and app). It will be available in the form of a Chrome browser extension and there will be no need to sign-in. Earlier, it was required to log-in into your Pinterest account to be able to use the visual search feature within this extension. This is further expected to increase the number of users who will start using the feature.

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