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Pinterest Breaking New Barriers in Image Search

By February 21, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Pinterest has a new Head of Search and it is monetising its visual search to advanced levels. The photo sharing site has recently announced that the former Google image search head will take over its Head of Search position. The website introduced a paid search feature last year and is looking forward to release more ways to monetise its growing and highly-engaging user base.

Pinterest expects that it can stand out in image search because of its unique offering.

Pinterest’s Strategy

Pinterest recently launched Visual Discovery Tools. Lens is the most notable of these tools. Lens can be used within the Pinterest app. All you have to do is to point the app at an object and it will make certain suggestions. This takes image search to an entirely new level.

So how will this help users?

When someone comes across an item but can’t find the appropriate word to search for it online, Lens can come to their help. This tool can help ‘translate’ an item’s image into words.

According to Pinterest, the photo sharing site/app has developed a unique experiment-level technology that is the first ever to see the world just like humans. Lens is currently in beta phase and can deliver the best-possible results in certain categories like:

  • Food
  • Décor
  • Clothing

The company claims that it is developing the technology further to deliver more accurate results for other categories too. Pinterest has over 75 billion pins.

One thing that makes Pinterest’s algorithm different from Google’s or others is that it lays emphasis on “idea searches” (not ‘keyword’). It is expected that this new form of search can help advertisers reach an engage with target audience in a new way.

One thing that gives Pinterest an edge is the level of engagement it has compared to competitors. If the search technologies Pinterest is developing can deliver to their full, it will take search beyond the scope of links.

Pinterest’s Purchase Technology

Pinterest plans to combine its new technologies with its single-click buy technology. When consumers notice the variety of products available on offer, Pinterest can gradually turn into a preferred place for going shopping. And this can bring more advertisers on this site.

Pinterest looks forward to growing user base and integration of several technologies for effective monetisation. If you are looking forward to promote your product more effectively, you should find the right marketing experts. Visit for more information and to find experienced online marketing specialists.