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Pokemon Go Enables New Form of Local Marketing

By July 25, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Among many other things it has helped created the prospects for marketers to bring both augmented reality and local marketing together. So what can this groundbreaking game and the future of augmented reality can mean for your local marketing efforts.

What Does the Game Do?

Pokemon Go is a freemium game that uses your smartphone’s camera and GPS to turn your real world into an augmented digital world. You will have to move around to search for the Pokemon monsters. Navigation is controlled by the map and the moment a Pokémon is nearby, the phone will give you an alert. Once your corner the monster, you will have to shoot Poke Balls at it to capture it.

How Pokemon Go Fits into Your Local Marketing Efforts?

The game has places known as PokeStops and Gyms which are actually precise real-world landmarks. So if your business happens to have a nearby PokeStop or Gym, it will help in increasing the foot traffic from the players of the game.

The game is yet to make a worldwide release and it has already been downloaded over 30 million times. What is more interesting is that it is just a few weeks old.

App Advertising

App advertising is one big spot where local marketers can take advantage of Pokemon Go. And the game’s developer has already opened it for promotions in “sponsored locations.”

So you will soon be able to turn your own shop or business location in to a PokeStop or Gym, driving more and more gamers to your location.

This new kind of game has opened up an entirely new form of local marketing strategy for businesses!

Access to User Data

With this game, brands can have access to almost unlimited user data. Such games can give you easy access to user locations, which can help bolster your local marketing efforts.

It shouldn’t surprise you if you see PokeStops and Gyms being tagged along with brand names either. Branded locations within the game can drive customers to restaurants, retail shops and other walk-in businesses.

The future can see Pokemon Go or other games requiring gamers to visit promoted locations for special in-game content. And this can further increase the chances of making a sale or getting exposure for your brand.

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