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Are You Prepared for the Holiday Shopping Season?

By October 14, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Last year more than a third of people had started their holiday gifts shopping by the end of September. Last year’s holidays brought the biggest boon for businesses selling online. More people shopped online than ever before between Thanksgiving and Black Friday. And you can expect the revenues to create new records this year. Are you prepared with your online advertising campaigns for this year’s holiday shopping?

The number of holiday shoppers continues to grow every year and there are already millions looking to choose the best gifts. Most businesses and marketers still find it difficult to get in front of their target audience and win their attention.

In Search of Bigger Discounts

Consumers are already looking for discounted Christmas. Last year too most of the buyers searched for special deals before buying their holiday gifts. With online deals being showered everywhere, from social media sites to email inboxes, shoppers start looking for discounts several weeks in advance.

Winning Strategies

Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads have been under restrictions for many years, but they are now active and increase your reach. These ads allow you to have 2 headlines with each headline supporting a maximum of 30 characters. The description can be up to 80 characters long.

All this means providing more information to consumers before they click, which can help generate more targeted and qualified traffic. This will also reduce the number of wasted clicks. Even if the CPC increases, these ads are worth it.

Responsive Display Ads

These display ads will help you reach a larger target audience and save your valuable time. Covering all the available ad sizes can help in increasing your reach. It’s no longer needed to design for each size of ad. All you have to do is upload just a single ad and Google will adjust it to match all the display sizes.

Mobile App Engagement Ads

Mobile ecommerce now accounts of a decent percentage of total market in many countries including the UK and the US. This is why mobile app engagement ads help you generate better results. Now you can build lists based on the actions of current app users. The lists can be used for reengaging them and offering new features. This can also help in bringing those users back.

Use these key AdWords strategies to reach your target audience this year to boost your sales. For more information it is recommended to visit and get help from online advertising experts.