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Promotional Twitter Stickers Open up for Branding

By August 20, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter released stickers around a month ago and it has now upgraded it with the release of Promoted stickers. Brands can now create their own stickers which can be used by users. You can create from 4 to 8 stickers.

Now photos with promoted stickers will have your brand’s hashtag embedded in them. You can also view how it is being used by people. Pepsi is the first brand to use the new promotional feature from the micro-blogging site. The campaign will run in less than a dozen countries.

Previous experience involving stickers with Line and Snapchat show that they are minimally intrusive than ad messages displayed in feeds.

Stickers have been so effective for Line that the company generated almost 25% of its revenue from these in 2015!

How effectively stickers work depends on their popularity.

Within a month of its launch, the #Stickers hashtag has been used in millions of photo tweets across different segments including news, entertainment and sports. But Twitter also confirms that many of its users have still to see the new feature in their feeds.

Stickers are now allowing users to express visually in ways it was not possible earlier.

It is a kind of new ‘search’ system that uses stickers. Whenever a user clicks on them within a photo, they get a feed with photos that display the same sticker.

Pepsi has announced that it will be measuring the effectiveness of stickers on the basis of the number of people using and sharing them.

Twitter reaches a large and diverse range of audience, unlike many of its other social counterparts.

Twitter was primarily a text-based social platform, but more recently it has also allowed users to share photos and videos. Yet the micro-blogging site has not reached something as elaborate and rich as Instagram and Snapchat.

Photos, videos and selfies are not what you think of when it comes to Twitter. But that is changing fast.

Twitter recently allowed more brands on its Moments so that they can curate tweets and reach users with rich content.

The social site is also making strides into live video. Interestingly, all these features are offering some branding opportunities for your business.

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