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How to Rank High in Google News?

By January 23, 2019 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

When it comes to your SEO efforts, it isn’t just Google search results that you may want to rank in. Google News is also an important platform where you may want your news to appear and rank high. Whilst quality content and technical aspects are still important factors here, there is something more that you should do.

What Makes Google News Different?

Google Search and Google News are different in terms of the type of content they display.

  • Google Search indexes and shows results for web pages, blog posts, and landing pages amongst others. It ranks all types of content as long as the basic SEO best practices are followed.
  • Google News indexes and displays news articles. It may rank news content from high authority publications, but that doesn’t mean that small publishers cannot rank on it.

Advantages of Ranking in Google News

Some of the main advantages of ranking high in Google News are as follows:

  • According to surveys, 6 in 10 people trust Google News over the news that appears in general Google search results.
  • When you rank high on Google News in your niche, you are able to build higher authority.

Getting listed high in Google News results can help in building your brand credibility.

Google News SEO Best Practices

If you want your news to rank high in Google News search results, it is recommended to follow these best practices. In fact, these points have been shared by the search giant itself.

  • Create clear and proper headlines
  • Use structured date and time data. Make sure the time and date are always accurate and mentioned clearly on the page.
  • Avoid any kind of duplicity in content.
  • Avoid creating “artificially freshening stories” that are based on old stories.
  • Avoid creating new stories with almost the same content as in old news stories.
  • Maintain transparency by providing information about the authors, using by-lines, and contact details.
  • Make sure that your website is secured using the latest security and privacy systems including HTTPS.

Google also recommends reviewing the Google News Publisher Help Centre and its content policies before you start creating news articles to rank in Google News.

Whether you are a publication, a commercial business or a non-profit, there are many advantages of ranking your news content high in Google News. It is recommended to visit for more information and to get the help of SEO specialists to boost your search engine rankings.