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Real Time Google Analytics

By May 21, 2012 June 26th, 2019 No Comments


With the short term buzz around real time analytics platforms such as Clicky and Woopra, it looks like the worlds most popular web statistics program – Google Analytics have stepped up a gear and added real time to its listing.

Our agency have been using Woopra for quite a while for both our own website and for clients, it really is like fishing with the marketing strategies you are using as your bait!

I must say personally I always preferred Google Analytics when reviewing performance over a long period of time and the fact you can link it up with webmaster tools so easily meant that Woopra was used only for its USP and not for further benefits. Well now Real Time Google Analytics is here I must say I’m impressed!

Firstly you get that ‘live’ feel when you are on it, with a running graph showing pages per minute which is constantly changing, it shows active pages that a user may be on, physical locations, content and the referral path or keywords used to find your site.

This new service is especially great for advertising agencies such as oursleves, who are constantly A/B testing web sites, ads and landing pages with high volumes of traffic as it gives a great feel as to what users actions are on your new designs/content when you are watching it live.

It will be intersting to see whether Real Time Google Analytics will still be available in a few months time, we certainly hope so!