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Remarketing Campaigns: The 4 Cs to Succeed

By April 5, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Remarketing is a highly effective way to connect with your website visitors who may not have made a buying decision or enquiry yet. It will involve targeting your defined audience with your ads as they browse the web. Conversion tracking and cart issues are the two most common problems with remarketing campaigns. But if you focus on the 4Cs, you are most likely to eliminate these problems.

The 4Cs of Remarketing

The 4Cs of remarketing are:

  • Content
  • Creative
  • Cookie duration
  • Context

All the 4Cs give you a sign of the “value” of a return visit from each prospect.

1. Content

The content is that part of your website that has been visited. Create audiences which are categorised by the chances of conversion (not by every page).

If you have an ecommerce store, you could target the following content-based audiences – those who visited your:

  • Home page
  • Product pages
  • Cart
  • Category pages

Visitors who were on the pricing page or started filling a form are much more likely to convert than those who visited your home page.

2. Creative

This part of your remarketing campaign will focus on the type of ad you serve to your audience. You can start by targeting your 7-day cart abandoning audiences with text ads, static banner ads, and display ads. Then create 3 different ad groups for all these 3 types of ads.

You should segment by creative is to vary the performance expectations. All the 3 different ad groups have their unique expected behaviour in conversion and click-through rates. Static banner ads are likely to get higher CTRs against text ads because of their visual appeal. But the conversion rates can be lower because they have lesser information.

3. Cookie Duration

Recent visitors are most likely to convert than older visitors. Choose the appropriate cookie durations for your remarketing audiences based on your product and sales funnel. Break the duration into groups with similar expected conversion rates, not into each day. It will be best to break it into 2-day, 7-day or 1-month cookie durations.

4. Context

Context gives a strong signal of the visitor’s intent to purchase. A visitor is more likely to convert to a car lead when they are browsing car-related content than they are browsing education-related content.

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