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Research for More Effective Link Building

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With Google and other search engines becoming more serious about link building, there is a widespread misconception that the age-old SEO strategy may no longer be effective. However, the fact is that it continues to be at the heart of all the major SEO strategies but needs to be implemented carefully to avoid getting penalised.

Biggest Myth with Link Building

One of the biggest myths moving around is to get links only from those high-PR sites. In other words people writing about your site and posting links will do it only on a high PR site, which isn’t true. The most important thing is to get a wide variety of backlinks from different sites:

  • Social media sites
  • Forum links
  • High PR links
  • Blog links

The key to succeeding with link building in 2014 is to look as natural as possible.

Research & Then Link

When linking it is important to understand the goals of the sites you’re outreaching to. In order to represent a business in a persuasive manner, it will be required to understand both your website (or client website) and the site you will be reaching out to. Do the following research to represent your business in the best possible way:

Understanding the business deeper:

  • The company’s USP
  • The brand value
  • The products or services
  • The philosophy
  • The message

Understanding the targeted website:

  • The brand image
  • The products or services
  • The company philosophy
  • The messages

Understanding the business niche:

  • The targeted demographics
  • The influencers
  • The trends

Understanding the targeted site’s audience:

  • Their target demographics
  • Their philosophy

The objective behind researching and understanding your business and whom you’re reaching out to, is to learn about the motivations. Understanding the other party’s motivations helps you explain how something could be of value to them.

The key to building quality links is to interact with humans who useful and relevant sites and are earning editorial links. Webmasters nowadays will not link unless they see an important cause to it. The most effective way to convince others to like to your site to show them how it can help their cause. This is why it is important to understand their objectives and motivations and then reaching out to them. And this could become possible only through research.

Link building is still as important as it was years ago, but the rules have changed and value and naturalness are more important than ever. If you need more insights into link building, it is recommended to visit