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Rollout of Google RankBrain: Is Your SEO Strategy Ready?

By July 1, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The last time Google used RankBrain, it used only 15% of its queries. According to latest news, the machine learning system is now being used for processing almost all its queries. And this has started affecting search rankings.

Google search uses hundreds of signals to calculate rankings, and RankBrain is now considered to be the third most important one.

RankBrain has already been claimed to be the most important ranking signal related to content and links.

Now it is part of Google’s algorithm for handling all queries. Google gets more than 2 trillion queries annually.

What Can RankBrain Do?

From what can be understood about this new machine learning system, it is mostly used like a query refining tool.

It is now being used for all searches to understand them better. It is also believed to affect the results that appear and their order.

Impact on SEO

It’s not yet certain how RankBrain affects SEO. Google has kept its algorithm a mystery, and the SEO community has been making the following assumptions:

  • User Behaviour Keeps Shifting and it will continue doing so
  • Machine learning will eliminate spam and unethical practices
  • Competition will continue to grow
  • RankBrain can be influenced

The following tips can help you making the most of the new machine-learning feature added to Google’s algorithm.

  • 10x Content – Make sure your websites have focused content on the topics you are covering. “10x content” is one of the terms being coined around for improving content. This type of content is claimed to be 10 times better than the best you can find currently in search results for a topic or keyword. So content quality has become even more important than ever (Although it had always been important).
  • Address Technical Issues – It is also time to make all kinds of technical improvements on your site. This includes microdata, SSL and site speed. It is also discouraged to network out to niches and topics which are not related to yours. This also applies to blogs.

It’s time to start creating content that’s more complete, answer more and more queries, publish more to become an authority, and develop evergreen resources.

Focus More on Content

Focusing on high quality content is the most important thing you can do to run a more successful SEO campaign in the era of RankBrain. It is believed that the system has been designed in order to reward ‘great’ content.

Its time you upgraded your SEO strategy to ensure that RankBrain affects your search rankings positively. Visit to learn more and get the help of experienced SEO specialists.