As a multi-disciplined digital marketing agency we offer bespoke search engine optimisation with the focus on your local SEO targeted goals. Our proven strategy of careful and rigorous keyword research is fully engineered to drive hard your page ranking and maximise site performance.

We will supply you with a Google partner and Bing accredited professional SEO consultant dedicated to looking after your Google or Bing marketing campaign. Our SEO services include the latest advances in SEO analysis, backlinks and technical optimisation, and is strictly compliant with best practice SEO marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO definition

The improvement of a website page position for a particular search keyword search term in organic or natural search engine results. Google will index and rank your site, and display links to pages it considers to have authority, are relevant and of value to a user’s search intent.

Why use an SEO agency?

The keywords entered into a search engine changes all the time. To sustain high ranking is a constant task demanding up to date know-how, research and SEO analysis. Tracking is used to determine the requirements for the careful application of optimised dynamic content. When high rankings are achieved for search terms the value of a website increases and more leads or sales are generated.

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We have the best SEO tools

The Search Marketing Shop has access to the best reporting tools, carefully selected over years of experience.

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No long term contracts

We don’t believe in the need to tie you down! We want you to stay out of choice – because you want to, not because you have to.

Optimising your site – what to expect

“No one can guarantee a Page #1 ranking on Google” –

Building site authority and trust with Google and other search engines does not happen overnight and will require constant attention to maintain high ranking and search visibility. Google applies more than 200 ranking factors to determine which results will be the most helpful and valuable, from purposeful keywords and quality backlinks to creating quality content and mobile-friendly sites.

Rankings can never be guaranteed, but are the result of patient research, analysis and experience applied to an ongoing strategy of technical and creative page optimisation.

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Achieving ranking – How we help raise your site performance

Using the latest analysis reporting tools is crucial to obtaining the most accurate and up to the minute picture of user search data.

Our process starts with identifying a minimum of top 12 keyword terms, which are client approved. Existing site pages are selected for keyword editing or entirely new pages are created with fresh optimised content.

To enable Google easy access to index and rank for keyword search terms, a full site audit is carried out followed by a technical optimisation process to fix technical errors and ensure site compliance with search engine guidelines.

Two monthly client reports are generated detailing both technical and ranking activity data. Our SEO consultant will analyse the findings, which will inform our SEO developer on all changes necessary for improving ongoing page ranking.

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