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SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Success

By June 15, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you have one or more ecommerce stores, SEO is likely the most important marketing strategy to help your generate traffic and leads. SEO allows you to optimise your product pages so as to drive targeted traffic to the product pages that generate the most profits.

So how can you use SEO to achieve the best results for your ecommerce business? Whatever other strategies you use, make sure the following are also part of your overall SEO plan.

Create Long-form Content

Ecommerce sites typically used to have short-form content. It was almost the norm and the product description was as brief as possible. If you want to succeed with your online business, you must include long-form content in your product pages.

There are many ways long-form content helps your website:

  • At the technical (SEO) level it provides more long-tail, conversational keyphrases
  • At the user experience level it provides more detail

It will also help you achieve a competitive edge. You should also focus on adding more long-form content in your blogs.

Keyword Research

Most people think that keyword research is no longer relevant and it is a big mistake. Google and other search engines still require people to type words in order to deliver the most relevant results.

When it comes to SEO for ecommerce sites, you cannot afford to ignore keyword research. Your keyword research must address 3 areas:

  • Identify most relevant keywords for both your homepage and product pages.
  • Research keywords for your blogs
  • Don’t try to rank multiple pages for same keywords (keyword cannibalisation)

Optimise Your Product Descriptions

Most importantly, re-word the descriptions to increase the saleability of your products. It is not enough to have unique product descriptions. The descriptions should be optimised in a way that they sell both the product and the lifestyle around it.

The description should not just be focused on the technical specs and functionality. Focus on what the buyer wants from the product.

Optimise for Mobile

It can never be emphasised enough how important mobile optimisation is for ecommerce success. You may have one or more apps to power your online stores, but don’t ignore your site’s optimisation for mobile.

Don’t just limit your mobile optimisation to what Google laid down with its ‘mobilegeddon.’ Mobile users are growing in numbers like anything. Make sure to offer them the best in terms of user experience and content.

These are key SEO strategies that cannot be ignored by ecommerce sites. Do you want help in optimising your online stores for SEO success? It is recommended to visit for more information and help from online marketing experts.