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How to Set Your Ecommerce SEO Right for Black Friday Sales?

By November 19, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Black Friday is just a week away and its high time ecommerce sites are optimised for the holiday shopping. Retailers will already be offering special deals to drive up the sales. Many shoppers are expected to pursue the big deals in store, but majority of sales are expected to take place online. These 3 online store SEO configurations are important if you want to avoid the issues that arise during the hottest shopping season of the year.

1. URL Crawling

Allow only those URLs to be crawled that you want indexed and ranked. This will help in addressing issues associated with crawl budget. Issues with crawl budget can commonly be associated with the following two scenarios:

  • When multiple URL’s are generated for the same page content: It often happens that a product appears in different categories. This can create multiple URLs for the product. In such situations you should prevent content duplication by canonicalising the extra URLs to the one sole URL.
  • Crawl-ready URLs by Default against Each Filter within Listing Pages: Every time visitors sort list of products by different criteria, crawl-ready URLs will be created for each combination. The content may be similar in all these cases, but you will have to no-index them.

2. Set Rules of Indexation

Issues can also arise with regard to your ecommerce SEO. You should set the rules of indexation based on supply and demand. This will help in preventing issues like:

  • Index bloat
  • Cannibalisation
  • Duplication

Everyone wants to have control over the generation of content duplication. The ideal situation will be to allow only a single crawl-ready URL against a page, category and sub-category. It is important to set the rules, else you can have many pages with little but similar textual content.

3. Set Rules of Elimination for Non-available Products

Seasonality has an impact on the content in ecommerce sites. It affects the type of campaigns you run. So make sure to create elimination rules for products, landing pages and listings which become non-available.

Campaign landing pages, whether for Black Friday or Christmas, are based on the season. Because of the seasonal aspect, the full benefits of these pages are not realised from SEO point of view. These pages are capable of generating very high volume of traffic. It is common mistake to remove these pages after the campaign is over. Instead you should set the rules of elimination for such pages.

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