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How to Share Your Organic Search Success Story within Your Organisation?

By March 23, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Search engine optimisation is not just about implementing the strategies to drive organic traffic. You must also ensure that your organic SEO campaigns also translate into effective leads and sales. The importance of SEO shouldn’t just be limited to achieving the desired results, you should also communicate its value to your business within your organisation. So it is not just about running your organic search campaigns as part of your marketing team. You should also make it a part of your overall business strategy. And this will require educating everyone about the success of your SEO campaigns.

Promote your Organic Search Channel Through Education

When your SEO campaigns are successful and drive sales, it is important that this aspect of your marketing gets recognition. This will require developing an internal education to promote the achievements. The following points should inspire you to share your SEO successes with your teams:

  • Organic search doesn’t have any direct media cost.
  • Organic search has the highest returns compared to any other marketing mode.
  • Organic search is responsible for over 51% of visitors to both B2C and B2B sites.
  • The best thing about organic search is that it influences both online and offline marketing channels and sales.
  • Organic search not only helps drive sales, it also helps build brand awareness.

Share SEO Statistics with Your Teams

Share information about your SEO successes with your management and other colleagues by showing metrics. You can also match the statistics to the goals of your team members. There may be other leaders in your organisation who can have their problems resolved with the help of organic search.

When you share your SEO successes with the management and leaders in your organisation, it can help create a top to down obligation for organic search initiatives.

Tips to Share your SEO Success

  • Create case studies and share stories that easily resonate with the business leaders in your organisation.
  • Create and share ROI reports that across all teams.
  • Use the right statistics when communicating with different departments. For example, traffic and sales are the ideal metrics to share with search teams and conversion and engagement are the right metrics to share with content marketing teams. When it comes to sales teams, you should share information about opportunities and leads.

So it is important to share your organic search success story with everyone in your organisation.

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