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‘Similar Audiences’ Released Globally after a Year in Beta

By May 5, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has rolled out the full version of similar audiences for Search. Now you can target audience who are searching for products or services same as those searched by your recent visitors. You can build your ‘similar audiences’ from your remarketing lists for search ads. At the same time, Google has also released Customer Match targeting for Shopping campaigns for the global market.

How Does Similar Audiences Work?

Similar audiences were first expanded for search and display campaigns exactly a year ago. It is available in Shared Library > Audiences. This tool helps you target users who perform same type of searches as those who landed on your website.

Your remarketing lists can qualify for the feature when they fulfil specific criteria. Two such criteria are that there should be minimum 1,000 cookies and adequate number of recent participants that showed similar search traits. These lists are not applicable to sensitive categories.

Similar audiences can be applied to both Search and Shopping campaigns. You can also add bid modifiers.

You can use Customer Match to reach existing customers through Shopping ads. It can help in creating new styles and much more.


So if you have created a remarketing list of those who purchased running shoes from your site, similar audiences will help you target people who are searching for specific keywords used to land on your site. So instead of targeting the broad category of people who are searching for “running”, this tool will identify the specific keywords like “lightweight running shoes” used by people to land your site.

It will then find other searchers who have search behaviour similar to those who came to your website. ‘Similar audiences’ updates lists on a constant and automatic basis as the search activity changes. for example, when someone has visited a website, they are excluded from the list.

Best Test Results

The digital marketing team at a leading automobile company announced the results of the beta test of similar audiences for Search. They recorded an increase of 11% in their CTR and 22% in conversions within a period of just 2 months.

The tool has been beta tested by many major global brands with success. It has been in beta for a year. With its full-fledged roll out, similar audiences for Search and Shopping can make targeting much simpler.

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