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Sound Search: Google Announces Improved AI-based Song Recognising Tool

By September 18, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google’s AI systems continue to improve at a fast pace. In its latest update, the search engine has improved its song recognition tool and named it ‘Sound Search’. This is a cloud-based artificial intelligence system that, according to Google, can accurately recognise songs. The new neural network is over 4 times as big as its predecessor.

So what is this Rebranded AI System?

Google Pixel 2 devices have a technology that allows them to recognise sounds automatically. Sound Search is claimed to be a similar system. It is different in that it has a huge database, which allows it to recognise much more songs.

According to the search giant, the sound recogniser is going to work even if there is lots of noise and disturbance to deliver accurate results. The AI-based algorithm adjusts its methodologies by determining how popular a song is. For example, when evaluating less popular songs, it is going to need more details to identify the tracks.

Technology Cues from Now Playing

Now Playing was the program at the heart of Pixel 2, used for identifying music. It was designed to be used both offline and online. Sound Search is a server-side program and Google has integrated the technology at the root of Now Playing into it.

If you have a tough time choosing between the two, the search giant claims the Sound Search to be more accurate and faster. In fact, its database is over a thousand times bigger than that of Now Playing.

A More Powerful Algorithm

Google has created much more powerful AI-based algorithms to allow Sound Search to sort such a large database of songs. The algorithm overcomes a series of challenges associated with handling such a hue database.

  • Its sorts quickly through the database to find the matching song
  • The neural networks size has been increased by over 4 times
  • Each embedding size has been increased from 96 to 128
  • The density of the embeddings has been doubled

The feature has been launched in many countries, but Google hasn’t announced exactly which ones.

This new feature expands the search domain of Google and opens new avenues for both users and marketers. Google and other brands have already introduced voice assistants into the market, creating new opportunities for search marketers. The new and improved AI-based song recogniser further contributes to the whole gamut of new products and search environment.

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