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Are You Still Ignoring Bing Search?

By August 8, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google continues to hold the major market share in search market. That doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore Bing. The second largest search engine has a market share of 12.1% in the UK. Where Bing lacks in terms of reach, it makes up with its innovative features. Even when it has a small share in the market, it has shown a growth of 17% year-on-year over the last year, in terms of revenue.

Product Improvements

Bing has been continuously improving its product offerings and this means that the market leader will also have to keep improving its products to stay competitive. Eventually, it is the advertiser who is going to benefit from this competition. There are many more reasons why you shouldn’t keep Bing out of your SEO and SEM campaigns.

Bing Search

The search engine has improved basic search beyond the scope of traditional search results. The results address different levels of need for information.

So if you search for ‘movies’, it is going to display the movies playing near you and list of movies on Amazon, Netflix, and other services. Other searches can present you with video and news results.

Bing has made recent updates to improve search results. A new Entity Search API generates strongly context based search results. It generates contextual info on local businesses, places, people, and more to blogs and websites. The result is a deeper level of user engagement. It supports different types of entities including:

  • Places
  • Famous people
  • TV shows
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Video games

Visually Appealing Search Results

Bing has always provided a visually appealing search interface. For example, its video search results are displayed in elegant thumbnail panels. As if its existing search results were not already good to look at, the search engine has recently launched visual search. It allows the use of images for navigation and finding content.

Visual searches can be conducted by capturing a photo using a mobile device or by uploading the image. Bing’s visual search is considered to be in competition to Google Lens.

Bing has been focusing on more visual and complex search model. This is a big reason why businesses cannot afford to exclude it from their search campaigns. More and more marketers and advertisers now understand the need for Bing to grow as an alternative.

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