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Are You Still Ignoring Pinterest for Business?

By January 10, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

When business owners and managers think of using social media for promoting their products or services, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top sites on their mind. Pinterest, the photo sharing social network, is mostly overlooked despite having massive promotional potential. Pinterest has recently revealed its biggest trends for 2017. Let’s explore most of the often neglected facts about this beautiful social media site and its projected trends.

Pinterest Facts

  • Pinterest has over 150 million monthly users.
  • It is the fourth largest traffic driver (larger than Yahoo) and second largest social media referrer, second only to Facebook.
  • Do you know that Pinterest is the leading high-value-order referrer to ecommerce sites?
  • Pinterest’s revenue generation per-click rate is 27% higher than Facebook and 400% higher than Twitter.

Even though this photo sharing site is tiny in comparison to Facebook, it makes up big in way of engagement levels.

Pinterest’s Predicted Trends for 2017

The social media site has released its third annual Pinterest 100 report which predicts the hottest trends in 10 important categories. The list of these trends is as following:

  • Beauty: RIP Coffin Nails is going to be the big trend
  • Food: The popularity of Buddha bowls is going to increase even further
  • Home Décor: More focus on nightstands
  • Kids: More parents are expected to have their kids learn Spanish
  • Life Events: More people will want to find the best wedding DJs
  • Men’s Style: Health Goth is going to be in trend
  • Personal Interests: More people are likely to buy gemstones due to the benefits of crystal healing
  • Travel: Cultural events will be the most popular choice for travellers
  • Wellness: Focus on ab exercises
  • Women’s Style: Pins, stickers and patches are going to be the big trend

How to Become Active on Pinterest?

Start by creating a business page on Pinterest. It is important that you verify your site. This will add more credibility to your page. Build themed ‘boards’ against each of your product or service, and then post images. Make sure to include links to your shopping page when posting photos. Your visitors will thus find it easier to buy the product. They can also share the photos with others.

If you need more help to make the most of Pinterest for promoting and selling your products, it is recommended to get the help of social media marketing professionals. Visit for more information and to find the right SMM specialists.