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The Growing Importance of Content Marketing

By September 25, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The dynamics of SEO are changing fast, and if you are serious about remaining ahead of the competition, it is important you adapt to these changes.

Here are 2 tips in the post-Google algorithm updates scenario that should be your centre of focus.

These tips are focused on the growing importance of content in the online marketing domain.

1. Content Marketing

Content has always remained the king (and for a reason). This is the reason SEO is now focused more on content marketing than almost anything else.

Although that doesn’t mean you should ignore other aspects. Focus on developing rich and informative content (more engaging) than ever.

Keywords may have lost their earlier importance, but a thorough keyword research is still a part of the process.

Give emphasis to a few keywords but more long tail key phrases. You will no longer want to choose a few targeted keywords and implement all the SEO strategies for ranking high for these keywords because it will most probably not work any longer.

This is not only because Google and other search engines have updated their algorithms, but also because the competition has reached an extremely high level.

2. Include Social Media in your Marketing Plan

Whilst content dominates the SEO horizon, it is also an important player in the social media domain. Social media is playing a larger role in generating traffic and distributing your content.

In other terms, search engines are giving more and more importance to social signals. So if you have strong social signals, you are more likely to achieve better rankings.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn amongst others allow you to bring your content marketing power to the social domain.

Facebook is the leader in driving social media referral traffic, but others are not far behind. SEO alone may not be sufficient to help up your search engine rankings.

Social media sites have a huge footprint in search results and if you implement the right strategy, they could do wonders to your online business’ success.

Thus, you will notice that SEO is fast coming down to one major form – content marketing. And the importance of the “content” continues to grow and expand beyond the domain of article marketing and blogging, and extends to social media.

It is time you focused more of your energy and time on your content.