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The Importance of Using Google Adwords Preview Tool

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Before embarking upon a Google Adwords campaign, your first step was probably to see where your company initially ranks, which is a great starting block before you pay for Google advertising. However, once your Adwords campaign is set up, it is important that you don’t search for your own company simply to check where your ads are appearing.

 Only use preview tool to check your ads positions

By searching for your keywords directly through Google to see where your ads are appearing each day, you are going to increase your impression count which lowers your click through rate as a result. This is going to make your Google Adwords campaign more difficult to manage due to the inaccurate statistics to test keywords from. A high impression rate without the click through to support this lowers your quality rate, which decreases ad position and increases cost per click.

You won’t see what everybody else sees on Google!

This repetitive routine of searching for your ads directly through Google will eventually result in Google hiding your advertisements from you. This is due to the search of a keyword without clicking on the ad which Google recognizes and stops showing ads that you do not seem interested in. When this happens some may feel as though they have lost their faith in how efficient the service is, however, now we know that this is not the case. It is simply an approach which Google adopts which makes using Google better for the end user. This is where Google Adwords Preview Tool steps in which was made especially to tackle the problems faced by Google advertisers.


With The Google Adwords Preview Tool, you can search for your ads without negatively affecting the customer statistics. The real beauty of the tool is that you can search not only from where you are but anywhere that your potential client might be. By searching for your keyword followed by a choice of domains, languages, locations and device types, you are able to preview exactly what your potential customers are viewing. This tool can be used in conjunction with other tools to track the progress and success of your Google Adwords campaign. Bookmark the link below so that you can regularly check your ads safely and accurately as a routine.


Click here to try the Google Adwords Preview Tool Yourself!




No impact on statistics

As you can see, the tool is very easy to use. By searching for your company or keyword as you would in, you are able to see your Google ad as it would appear in a Google search without the negative impact on your campaign statistics. Beneath the search box, you can then select customer preferences and view your Google Adwords campaign from a variety of domains, languages and locations as well as devices that they are viewed on. Our Google ads appear in England and South Africa which means that the tool allows us to see it from our head office in the United Kingdom as well as our prospective clients across South Africa.