The Search Marketing Shop at Ad:Tech 2017 in London - The Search Marketing Shop

Ad:Tech London is one of the biggest events of the UK that brings together marketing and advertising technology players from all over the world. The Search Marketing Shop was also at the two-day event, with our AdWords specialist representing us. We were able to witness end-to-end solutions on online marketing from some of the leading brands and names from different industries that rely on digital marketing.

L’ Oreal’s Strong Commitment to Digital Marketing

L’ Oreal’s CMO, Stephane Berube expressed her industry’s standing on digital marketing and the support for it. He believes that there should be balance in both outsourcing and in-sourcing digital marketing efforts. He claims that hiring online marketing services can help the industry in getting access to expertise while keeping the marketing costs low.

He also outlined the advantage of outsourcing when it comes to measuring ROI. Top digital marketing agencies, according to him, are results driven.

ad-tech-the-search-marketing-shop-vipID Graph – The New Term in Marketing

We also noticed the introduction of a new term, “ID graph” at Ad:Tech London. It was coined by Robert Coyne of LiveIntent. The term refers to the database of your client profiles. Coyne is the UK Operations Director of the company and he believes that most brands aren’t focusing much on their own ID graph.

Future Industry Trends

Henry Mason of TrendWatching gave an insight into the future trends in online marketing. He listed several potential future trends, but we found a few of them to be the most important and concerning ones.

He noted that there could be almost 4 times increase in the time the consumer spends in a messaging app in 2018, from 2016. That clearly gives marketers and businesses a good indication as to where they should spend more of their time.

“Good service” was another big concern for him.

Ad blocking was another issue raised at Ad:Tech London. Whether it’s AdWords, Bing Ads, banner advertising or other forms of advertising, the use of ad blockers is expected to cause a loss of tens of billions of pounds to publishers by 2020.

Several other important topics were addressed at the event – with current and future trends being the hottest ones.

The two-day event was held at Old Truman Brewery in London. The annual event receives participants from all the major industries, including advertisers, marketers and publishers. The SearchMarketingShop has been a regular participant at the event for years.

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