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The Search Marketing Shop @ Google HQ

By July 24, 2011 January 24th, 2020 No Comments


The Search Marketing Shop was selected by Google to head down to their UK headquarters in Buckingham Palace Road, London on 21st July 2011. The invite was received via  the all new Engage for agencies scheme that is provided to official Google Ad words agents.

Our general manager Thomas Bagshaw and web marketing technician Nathan Webster were the lucky pair selected to attend a presentation on a range of topics such as new developments in Ad words, how to use tools more effectively and feedback.

We thought we would give an insight into our day at one of the worlds top 10 richest companies.

After being escorted to the Google offices upon arrival, the first thing that struck us was the quirkiness of the office environment, everywhere seemed to be themed to areas of London mainly train stations, with a grass effect and path on the carpet it really did feel a little different and there was a genuine friendly/relaxed feel to the place. In one room was a wall full of vintage televisions and a Google/YouTube bus, right next to it there was a massage room for the staff, it seems that the emphasis is to ensure the employees are as happy and relaxed as possible so that creativity is boosted.

Before the presentation/focus group began, we had a large selection of coffee, tea, biscuits, cup cakes and fresh juices (All the cups, bottles, jars etc were remarkebly Google branded). We followed the yellow brick road to the presentation room, where we received a Google goody bag and waited for the show to start.

After a welcoming introduction by Google UK’s marketing manager, we had the chance to hear from a man who heads up the small business marketing team, we were told some interesting facts about the UK online economy such as ‘over 100 billion pounds being spent per year over the internet. This equates to a whopping 7% GDP, this is predicted to rise to 15% by 2015.

We were then told of the latest ad words strategies and techniques by two Adwords Strategy Specialists – this information was highly useful and it definitely fired home points when Google employees stress the use of optional techniques such as modified broad match and enhanced manual CPC when linked to conversions. It was here we learnt of the future developments into ad words, although we were told to keep this strictly confidential so unfortunately you will not be learning of this today…all I can say, exciting news!

Following some more tea and coffee, a Google product specialist informed us of some fantastic strategies to form the most creative campaigns using Google insights for search, also helping us use a range of tools to pitch clients and help sell our services via the use of their products.

The most impressive thing that the Google staff did was create focus groups with some of their more senior members so that we could work in small groups and get our point across about what we would like Google to do in order to benefit customer experience.

Overall we were very impressed with Google, we feel that the Engage scheme is a fantastic concept and really helps advertising agencies connect with the Google team so that they can maximise the effect of Ad words.

We would also like to point out the extreme friendliness of some of the staff such as the marketing manager, who really went out of her way to ensure we were treated like kings.

Thank you Google, we will be back.