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Have You Thought of Optimising for Voice Search?

By May 2, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The dynamics of search have always evolved and there are some new and more dramatic changes taking place within it. One of the most notable ones is in the form of voice search. More people are using voice search to find the desired information. This has been made possible due to the latest voice assistants and mobile devices. Android users have Google Assistant, iOS users are using Siri and Windows Phone users and PC users are using Cortana. Even Amazon has a virtual assistant called Alexa. As the global mobile search volume exceeds desktop search and excels the latter in many countries, have you thought about optimising for the mobile?

Mobile Search Growth

According to latest figures, mobile search accounts for 60% of search volume. Voice search makes it much easier to perform a search than typing on the smaller screens. As more and more people switch to mobile search and an increasing percentage of them are discovering voice search, it is time for everyone to start optimising for this unique form of search.

According to latest report, the market share of voice search is growing at a fast pace. The growth in number of voice-first devices shipped is as staggering:

  • 2015: 1.7 million devices
  • 2016: 6.5 million devices
  • 2017: 24.5 million devices (expected)

Simplifying Search

This new form of search has simplified how people used to search for information. It has made it more convenient than ever before. People can interact with their devices using simple conversational voice. In fact, using voice commands you can do much more than search:

  • Play music
  • Search for a local restaurant
  • Turn on the lights
  • Order products

Optimising for Voice Search

Search engines first came across the horizon in the 1990s. Over the decades users have learned how to use keyword phrases to find the required information. When it comes to voice search, the focus is on conversational tone. Two main characteristics of voice search are that it is mostly mobile and many times focused on local search.

Conversional search means that voice search queries are mostly longer than their textual counterparts. The primary goal of these new technology solutions is that the mobile device deliver optimal search results for the searchers who are on the move.

As search takes a big leap through voice search, it is important for you to consider how they are going to adapt to the change. For more information about SEO and to get help from SEO experts, visit