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Tips for Improving Local Relevancy of Your Site

By November 15, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Tips for Improving Local Relevancy of Your Site 1

After the latest local algorithm update, Google has changed a lot about local SEO. There are a number of pitfalls that should be avoided to ensure that your website ranks higher and doesn’t get penalised the next time the search giant brings an update.

Add more content to your home page

Your home page content tells your visitors and search engines what your business is all about. Make sure that your home page has more than just a few sentences. Your target audience and search engines come to your site for useful and relevant information. It is not possible to score higher search engine signals without having enough content on your pages.

Don’t Spam Keywords

One of the key strategies used by SEOs to optimise websites is to spam city names on content along with their keywords. They mention city names dozens of times on the same page. Keyword spamming is being taken seriously by Google and other search engines. Such strategies can lower your search rankings and also affect content clarity for your visitors.

Include City or State in the Right Places

Tips for Improving Local Relevancy of Your Site 2

Including your city or state name in your title tag can help improve your local relevance. It is important to know that title tag continues to be crucial in SEO. Also include your geographical location in your H1 heading. You should do much more than just include city/state names in the content and mention something about the local area too. It is no longer enough to include the local area name as keywords. There should be valuable information about the area too.

Add Local Information in Image Alt Texts

You can add further SEO value to your pages by including city or state in your image alt texts and URL. It is easy to come across websites without alt text. When using local area information along with keywords in alt texts, it can help search engines learn what your images are about and about your local relevance. If you can, you should also edit the structure of your page URLs and add local area names. This can help deliver powerful local signal to search engines and target audience.

Google wants you to upgrade your website with the best-possible information rather than designing it to rank higher. The more value you can deliver through your site, the better it could rank on search engines. Do you need more insights into building a well-optimised website or upgrading your site? It is recommended to visit for more valuable information.