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Tips to Build your SEM Strategy in the New Year

By December 19, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The horizon for search engine marketing has changed significantly because of all the recent algorithm updates by search engines and the growing competition. In a changed scenario, it can be difficult to plan your new year’s search marketing strategy. Here are the 4 main tips that can help you give a boost to your SEM strategy and remain ahead of the competition the next year.

1. Use the Penguin Algorithm

Tips to Build your SEM Strategy in the New Year 1

Penguin considers the disavow list when ranking sites. You don’t want your site to have spammy links. If you can remove those links, it can be helpful in improving your rankings. There could be hundreds of links from poor quality sites. Finding them and removing them could be an arduous task. It will be ideal to use some tools that enable you to evaluate the worthiness of a site.

Using the disavow tool is however not the same as removing the links. Once you have cleared off all the unwanted links, new link-building should focus on creating content that attracts users to link naturally to. This could also involve collaborating with bloggers and using social media. All this can have positive impact on your SEM efforts.

2. Use Combination of SEO and PR

Tips to Build your SEM Strategy in the New Year 2

SEMs should work towards aligning their SEO and PR efforts. Learn how the major news sites select their sources. Try to get your site inserted into this process to help build higher quality links and also to build relationships. You will be forming useful relationships with the media, creating better ad copy and push your way up through the crowd.

3. Gather Keywords Data

Collect all the information about your own and your competitor’s keywords. In other words, gather information about the competitor activity, their SERPs and keyword usage. This will also require using specialised SEM software for the purpose. Having all the search metrics also means learning who receives most of the traffic. You will also learn which competitors are bidding on which keywords.

4. Create Great Ad Copy

Search engine marketers should write innovative ad copy. You should differentiate yourself from others. Don’t use the same page title as others are using.

Use these 4 strategies to enhance your SEM efforts in the New Year. It is also important to ensure that you use only ethical and non-spammy strategies. Do you need more tips and guidance for developing your search marketing plan? It is recommended to visit for more information.