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Tips for Turning your Online Searches into In-store Sales

By September 24, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Mobile and online search and shopping have increased like anything. Yet in-store sales account for most of the retail sales. But most of the shopping decisions today start with online search. Whether someone is looking for restaurants, clothes, plumbers, lawyers or doctors, most people take the decision after searching online. So how can you turn your online searches into in-store sales?

The following tips will help you turn more of your searches into in-store sales.

Improve Your Business Find-ability

Take the following steps to make it easier for people to find your business:

  • Search for your online listings for all your locations. Make sure that there is consistency and order in your Name, Phone, Address and Website data everywhere.
  • Find out where your business is listed and where not – Google, Bing, leading social media sites, and Yelp.
  • Make sure your business is on at least a dozen directories that have high Moz scores and page rank.
  • Benchmark the coverage and accuracy of your listings.
  • Check all the directories to ensure that the “hours of operation” are not only listed, they are correct for all your locations.


Take the following steps with regard to optimising your business’ online presence:

  • Search for directories that allow businesses to edit the presentation of their listings.
  • Make sure your directory listings are complete. Add photos, logos, and all the details wherever allowed.
  • Create a policy for regular review and responding to all comments or feedbacks.
  • Solicit reviews from your best customers.


You should measure both your online and in-store metrics to make adjustments. Take the following steps to ensure that you are on top of your SEO and online campaigns:

  • Track your listings coverage and improve accuracy periodically.
  • Compare your online performance against competitors.
  • Decide what your key metrics are.
  • Link your store performance KPIs to local marketing efforts.

Local Online Campaigns

Your local campaigns can be strengthened with the following steps:

  • Target keywords with your local landing pages for each location.
  • Mix your local ads on Google Maps with AdWords purchases and measure the performance.
  • Link your call tracking data with other online-to-offline metrics.
  • Run more powerful local campaigns.

There’s so much you can do to turn more of your online searches into in-store sales. And instead of doing all this yourselves, it is recommended to get the help of an experienced online marketing service. You can visit for more information and help.