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Top 3 SEO Benefits of Online Reviews

By November 3, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Top 3 SEO Benefits of Online Reviews 1

Google’s local search algorithm is quite complex. If you want to succeed with your SEO campaign, you cannot just rely on a few mainstream strategies. You will have to work with a wide range of methods across various platforms. Online reviews also play an important role in your site’s SEO. Even Google Map searches now list reviews in prominent positions. So make sure to include online reviews as essential strategies in your overall SEO plan.

1. Improved Online Exposure

When your company is listed in review sites, it will help in increasing your overall online exposure. This means you will be able to drive more traffic to your site. This will further build authority in the eyes of Google and boost your search rankings further.

2. Display Reviews in Search Results

When you have online reviews, Google will display them in the search results. This could be as easy as creating your Google My Business Page, building a detailed profile, and getting half a dozen reviews. Google My Business reviews are given preference, followed by Yelp and other sites.

Once you have enough number of reviews on these sites, the stars will also display in search results. This can draw more attention to your search results and also give the searchers an instant review of where your business stands.

3. Get Backlinks

The number and quality of your backlinks play a crucial role in helping search engines determine how to rank your site in SERPs. The top online review sites also allow you to add links to your site. So the more the number of review sites driving backlinks to your webpages, the higher you are likely to rank.

There are many other benefits of online reviews:

  • They help in increasing your CTR
  • Your potential customers are more likely to convert when they view your reviews
  • Even those bad reviews give you the opportunity to improve your customer service

Top Review Sites

So which are the top review sites you must rank on? Here is a list:

  • Google My Business – This is the most important in terms of search ranking value.
  • Yelp – It is second in the list.
  • Amazon Customer reviews
  • Facebook Ratings & Reviews
  • Angie’s List
  • Yahoo! Local Listings
  • Glassdoor

You could also create a reviews section on your own website.

So make sure to create an effective SEO strategy that also includes online reviews. You will need professional help from SEO experts with advanced knowledge. Visit to learn from the experts.