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Top 3 Strategies to Increase your Blog Traffic

By April 9, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Top 3 Strategies to Increase your Blog Traffic 1

Building a blog requires a lot of effort. Whether you will be using it for promoting your business, your professional practice or for any other purpose, it is important to generate traffic. The age old strategy to do so is to create high quality and useful content. But you will also have to promote your content using strategies. A year ago keyword optimisation would have been the first strategy on this list, but after Google’s series of algorithm updates, the scenario has changed.

1. Generate More Comments

It is easy to tell someone to generate more comments to their blog posts, but difficult to tell how.

  • Make your presence felt – There are so many people who are looking for your products/services and are ending up on other blogs. So you should bring them to the right blog posts! Visit other blogs in your niche and comment there. Your target audience can thus follow you to your blog.
  • Ask open-ended questions – Studies show that open ended questions are more likely to get more engagement from your target audience. You will be giving them a chance to express themselves. You will get more comments and thus more interaction and attention from others too.

2. Write Top 5 or 10 List Posts

Top 5/10 list posts draw more attention and traffic. It is a time tested strategy in the blogging domain. A top list post provides specific information – and that is what most people want. They don’t want to waste their time going through large chunks of paragraphs. Such posts can help improve your organic search traffic, get more engaging comments and improve user experience.

3. Provide Practical Tips

The best thing about practical tips is that they are easy both to learn and to apply. There is a very good chance that your readers will find these tips helpful and they may also share with others. Provide tips that provide useful information so that they work as unexpected hooks. These tips help create the “wow” factor among your readers, and there is a good chance that they will share it.

Use these above mentioned strategies to improve the traffic to your blogs. Even when you apply these tips, keep in mind that it is still important to write quality content and to keep posting regularly.

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