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Top 4 SEO Strategies for 2015

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Search engine optimisation is here to stay as long as Google and other search engines exist. And these sites are not going anywhere. But the question is that SEO keeps evolving and changing. So how will you go about your SEO campaign in 2015? This guide lists the effective strategies that must be part of your overall online marketing plan.

1. Use Hummingbird-Friendly Keywords

Hummingbird introduced several changes to the way Google interprets keywords. The algorithm now evaluates the entire search term rather than matching individual keywords to web pages.

Keywords are still essential but the algorithm now also identifies conversational phrases searchers will be using. So the new keywords aren’t just “jewellery” but conversational phrases like “where to buy cheap jewellery” and “best wedding jewellery.”

2. Fewer but High Quality Links

This has been repeated several times for the past entire year. But it is crucial, which is the reason it keeps appearing everywhere. You should now have fewer links but they must be from highly relevant sites with high authority. The best examples include:

  • Editorial links
  • Co-citation
  • Building broken links

3. Use Optimised Themes and Plugins

If you are creating new websites, it is recommended to use only SEO optimised themes and plugins. If you an old website, you must upgrade it. One of the main features of optimised themes and plugins is that they have clean code. The code meets the updated SEO requirements and rules. This means that your website’s theme will be in line with what the search engine crawlers are looking for.

Some of the main features can include the following:

  • Using the canonical URL meta tag correctly.
  • Properly using meta title tags and heading.
  • Clean structure with proper HTML.

4. Local Optimisation

Today, you cannot eliminate local optimisation from your SEO strategy. It is important to focus on all the involved tactics rather than on any one or few of them. The main points to focus on are as following:

  • Create highly informative and “stunning” content, and optimise it with local signals.
  • Make sure to create local content and post in your blog.
  • All the location pages should be well-written and unique.
  • Draw some high-quality links to your site.
  • Optimise your Google My Business listing. Increase your positive reviews on your listing and other sites.
  • Make sure that your citations are clear.
  • Start interacting with your customers through social media.

Implementing these SEO strategies can have a major impact on your rankings. Do you need more professional help in running your SEO campaign? It is recommended to visit for more information.