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Top 4 SEO Trends to Focus on in the New Year

By January 5, 2016 No Comments

It’s a new year and all search marketers, business managers, and webmasters are thinking what would change this year. The content marketing and search marketing field has undergone dramatic changes in the last year. There is a new trend for using search and social data for guiding content creation. This new change will play a crucial role in improving engagement for your brand and help your content attract your targeted audience.

Here are 4 SEO trends you should be focusing in the New Year.

1. Growing Importance of Structured Data

Google recently announced using its new A.I. technology called RankBrain that works by learning the intent behind searches. This new A.I. system allows Google to deal with queries that it has never seen before. According to the search engine, this is now the third most crucial ranking signal within their search algorithm.

So A.I. tech will be a crucial factor in the New Year for businesses. You can expect that Google will soon be able to create a very intelligent algorithm that could understand (or learn) what people are searching for. This can help in boosting user experience by displaying the best-possible sites.

Importance of Structured Data – This is where you will have to focus more on structured data. You should also start using structured data markup to describe to Google and other search engines what is on your webpages rather than relying solely on their spiders to read your page content. This is going to help Google in displaying your websites in the best possible way.

2. Optimise your Apps

Google has already started ranking apps, and the importance of mobile applications will continue to increase in search. Mobile search has already toppled desktop searches in terms of global volume. The use of mobile apps has also been growing at a staggering rate.

Around 52% of the time people spend on digital media, is spent on nothing else but apps. As part of your SEO effort, one of the new things you will have to do is to optimise your apps – that is if you already have apps. If not, you should start by creating apps for your business. Optimisation will require aligning your apps well with your brand message and business.

3. Growing Importance of Site Layout

Website features including layout will become even more important. You should prevent your visitors from clicking the ‘back’ button and going back to search results when they find it difficult to get to the information they came looking for. It has become more important than ever to encourage engagement on your site.

You must check how your site is organised. It will require much more than just creating high quality content. The sub-menus should be easy for everyone to understand and navigate. You should ensure that there a search option on all your pages. You should also optimise your site content and layout for mobile.

4. Search Moves from Site Rank to Content/Online Presence

SEO success is now more about your brand’s overall online presence and not just how high your website ranks. You will have to integrate your website effectively with other online platforms.

Social media is one such platform. Facebook itself has indicated that it is working on improving its search features. It is going to develop significantly in the near future and you should be ready to optimise your online presence on such social platforms.

SEO, social media marketing and web development are all coming closer. In the New Year you will be focusing on improving your brand’s online presence when running your search engine optimisation campaigns.

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