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Top 4 Strategies to Reduce your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

By December 8, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments


You want all the visitors landing on your ecommerce store to complete the checkout process. Every online retailer wants to achieve maximum conversion and successful sales, especially through the holiday shopping season when everyone is vying for biggest profits. Despite your best efforts, you experience high rate of cart abandonment. Most shoppers leave the shopping cart for a few common reasons. If you want to increase your sales this shopping season, these strategies will help you reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate.

1. Give Them an Instant Checkout Process

Your buyers want to go through a quick and simple checkout process. If you have a long checkout process, shorten it. Don’t force them to go through several pages with multiple forms to fill. This is one of the main reasons why shoppers abandon the cart and leave. You may want to collect more information. But it is recommended to get the minimal required info to complete the sale. Use all strategies to minimise the checkout process.

Many online stores offer an express checkout option on their sites. It will allow your shoppers to buy without the need to create an account. All they will be required to do is to provide the shipping address and the payment info to place the order.

2. Offer Free Shipping & Discounts

People love to see free shipping and discounts when they are about to complete their order. Studies show that more than 40% of shoppers who abandon their cart do so because they find the shipping charges to be high.

Another 20+% of shoppers who abandon their cart do so because the seller didn’t mention the shipping charges earlier. So you should not only offer free shipping, the offer should be displayed upfront. Besides, offering discounts will also work as an effective strategy in preventing the shoppers from leaving the cart.

3. Optimise your Site for Customer-Friendliness

Besides making the buying process easy, you should also tweak your site for customer friendliness. It is most important to improve your site’s design for better navigation and user flow. Use good quality images and make sure that all the required information is provided upfront.

4. Cover All Types of Payment Methods

If possible, offer all types of payment methods. A significant percentage of shoppers leave the cart because they couldn’t find a desired payment option. Cover everything from cards to PayPal to check so that a buyer will have more than one option available to them.

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