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Twitter to Launch New Beta Test App

By January 17, 2019 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter is going to introduce a new beta test app that is unique in almost every way. It will be testing new features and studying users’ response and experience to test those features using this app. The micro-blogging site will be targeting select group of users with its new features. It will solicit feedback from this group before deciding to launch each new feature.

How Will the Process Work?

The new beta app will allow both the selected group and other users to participate in the testing.

  • The selected group of users can discuss the features
  • Other users on Twitter can place comments or queries

This means that the app is different from the Twitter Experiments Program. Under this existing program, Twitter users can test new apps but their feedbacks cannot be made public. To begin with, it will be testing features like conversion starter tweets and status updates, some of its new features.

Beta App Features

Twitter requires the testers to download the app. It will even allow the users to take screenshots and share with others. Some of the new features that can be seen on the new beta testing app include:

  • Algorithm-based sorted responses
  • Colour-coded responses
  • Absence of engagement icons

All this makes the new app different from the basic user experience on the micro-blogging platform.

The colour-coded replies feature will help trace the user who posted the tweet originally. It will also help identify the people they follow and they don’t. The benefit will be that it will become easier for follow each conversation.

How Will Twitter Benefit?

According to Twitter, it will be able to use this app to learn what people expect from it. It will also be able to gain insights into how people are actually using the platform. Eventually, its goal is to maintain its relevance and value in the market.

The selected users can use the new features using the app. They can try the new features and Twitter will gather data from all the feedbacks to implement those features across the platform. The new app will help the company get more people involved in the development process.

The new app is expected to shift the focus from a follow-based strategy to interest-based one. Currently, the central theme of the website is about people following each other. For more information about the latest developments, it is recommended to visit Get access to valuable information related to SEO, social media, and PPC, and get help from the experts.