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Twitter Relaxes 140-Chracter Limit for Photos & Videos

By September 21, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The 140-character limit on tweets has always been a concern for tweeters. Twitter users are able to say so much within that limit. Imagine they’ll be able to do if they are allowed more space. The micro-blogging site has been giving indications about giving more flexibility. In its latest update, Twitter has removed photos, videos, polls and animated GIFs from this count. This is a decent move in itself. It is expected that the site is also working on removing Twitter handles and names from this count.

Earlier Twitter had designed tweets with up to 10,000 characters, but the plan was dropped. The company wanted to retain its identity for allowing brief updates. The current update is considered to be part of that plan.

It is also believed that links will also be excluded from a tweet’s character count.

The plan for the 10,000-character limit was thought to have a link in it. When someone clicked on this link, it would take the user to an expanded Twitter card having all the content. It was something similar to the links used by media sites. However, Twitter didn’t go through with that plan.

The company does have plans to expand tweets but it aims to always keep it “short and sweet” as in the words of the company’s CEO.

Twitter was inspired by its 140-character tweet limit from the typical character limit put on mobile text messages. It is believed by the company to inspire creativity. Twitter is however expected to create support for screenshots.

Twitter has been working harder to draw new users to it. It also wants to increase enhanced level of activity from its current users. It is in order to achieve these goals that the micro-blogging site is mulling increasing its character limit, of which the current update is one step.

It’s worth mentioning that Twitter’s user-growth is not as fast as Facebook or a few other competitors despite.

There are a few other things too the company has been doing. It released Moments some time ago. It’s a curated-tweets feature that catches the irregular users with trending news. Another thing Twitter is working on is to acquire rights to streaming live video. For example, the company recently broadcast NFL games to its users.

Twitter however continues to have one of the highest engagement rates in social media marketing. Do you want to promote your business on the leading social media platforms? It is recommended to visit for more information and to get help from the experts.