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Twitter Releases Digits for Developers and Users

By October 28, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter Releases Digits for Developers and Users 1

Twitter recently released their new sign-in feature known as Digits. Interestingly, it was launched at the micro-blogging site’s first mobile developer conference. The service will allow users to sign-in into sites and applications without any password. All that is required is a phone number, which makes it easy to access the account. But whether it is safe or not, it will be for the users to decide. “Digits” comes free for app users and developers.

What makes Digits unique is that it brings with it a solution which was non-existent so far. During the release, Twitter elaborated how it was always complicated for app developers to integrate sign-up and sign-in on phones.

Using Digits

Twitter Releases Digits for Developers and Users 2

Using Digits is easy. Enter your phone number and the system will send you a confirmation code for verification. Another advantage of using the service is that there is no automatic posting on behalf of social sites when the user signs in. some of the other main features of the service, as described by Twitter are as follows:

  • When users use the Friend Finding features, there is no sharing of the users’ address book data with other apps. The system will protect user accounts using the solid infrastructure that Twitter is developed on while allowing you to use your address books for finding other Digits users.
  • The service makes it easy for users to manage Digits accounts and uses dual authentication system.
  • The Digits Web APIs make it easy for developers to integrate the service into their sites.
  • The service is entirely theme-able, allowing you to launch it using any button from within your app.

Digits Release

Twitter Releases Digits for Developers and Users 3

Twitter has already rolled out the service as part of Fabric, and you can soon see it in mobile apps. More information about it can be gained from The micro-blogging site expects that developers will integrate it into their products, helping end users a better way to sign in. The company has already released it in more than 200 countries and in over 20 languages.

Digits gives total control to developers. You can create your own apps and profiles, and you can always relax because all your users are verified by SMS. It is major step in the social domain and gives more power to app developers.

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