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Twitter Releases iOS Update for 3D Touch Gesture

By June 1, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter’s latest feature update comes for iOS users in the form of 3D Touch integration. So far 3D Touch could be used only for Quick Actions on the home screen of the Twitter app. Thanks to the new update, users on iPhone 6S/6S Plus can now check 3D Touch peek and pop previews of links and profiles on the micro-blogging site.

The latest feature further enables examining any media on the app without the need to clock through to it.

Peek Preview Function

The peek preview function works by just pressing on the:

  • Photos
  • Profiles
  • Links

Swipe a peek upwards and you get access to the regular options for sharing a tweet such as direct messaging and iOS extensions.

With profile peeks, swipe upwards and you will get options to:

  • Block
  • Mute
  • Report the user

Benefits of the New Feature

One of the biggest benefits of the latest feature is that it will speed up browsing for iOS users. It eliminates load times for some types of media.

This is important considering that more and more people use Twitter to access news. These users are so important for Twitter that recently it tweaked its iTunes App Store category and updated it to ‘news’. Earlier it was under the category, “social networking.”

The new feature comes with the Twitter version 6.54. Interestingly, the release has been quite silent. Even the company thought it to be “minor updates,” something you never even knew you needed.

There are so many areas in the micro-blogging site’s mobile experience where it is responsive to gestures. This includes:

  • Individual tweets
  • Twitter accounts
  • Moments

You will have to make a deep press to Pop any item. Examples include Safari and YouTube.

Faster Twitter Experience

Thanks to the integration of 3D Touch with Twitter, you can now catch your tweets much faster than before. Make sure that your iPhone is compatible.

It is claimed that even those with earlier iPhones which are jailbroken can take advantage of the feature.

The trend of 3D Touch release has been catching up with developers since Apple released it in their iOS 9. You could see many apps since being released with Peep and Pop functions.

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