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Twitter Releases New Timeline Feature

By February 15, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter has a new timeline feature that shows custom tweets on top of the timeline. The custom tweets will be displayed when users log in after some time. But the new feature is opt-in and doesn’t affect the reverse-chronological flow of tweets. It is rolled out on both the Android and iOS Twitter apps.

Once users have opted for this feature, they will be able to view tweets on specific topics and people they are interested in. It is going to be something between the Highlights and while-you-were away features.

How to Set the New Feature?

  • Go to Settings menu in the app
  • Click timeline section
  • Check the tab against “Show me the best Tweets first”

How Will the Changes Look?

Once you enable the new feature, you will see a bunch of tweets on top of the timeline whenever you open the app on your device. There will be around a dozen of them in non-chronological order.

But the timeline will not like anything different. If you refresh the timeline, it will return to the chronological order, but it will still show the best tweets.

The number of tweets you will see in the new feature will vary from one user to another. It is believed that the number of people you are following is the most important factor. Twitter, in their official blog, claimed that they look at the following factors:

  • User interests
  • The accounts users mostly interact with
  • The tweets they engage with
  • What’s up on their network

Although there are some similarities between the new feature and the while-you-were-away feature, the latter will not be discontinued. It has been here for around a year.

Recent Twitter Updates

There were rumours that Twitter was planning to do away with its conventional reverse-chronological order for tweets. But the micro-blogging site’s CEO Jack Dorsey quashed all such claims. Recently, the site released home timelines (in app and web) in some regions.

Some of the changes that Twitter is likely to introduce include:

  • Fixing broken windows
  • Fixing the puzzling parts such as @reply rules and @name syntax
  • It is likely that Twitter may not consider @name in its 140-character limit

Twitter’s focus will be more on the following in the future:

  • Tweet experience
  • Timeline
  • Security & safety (abuse management)
  • Developer relations
  • Live streaming videos (better creativity tools on Twitter and Vine)

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