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Twitter to Take Livestreaming beyond Periscope

By March 18, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

According to latest report, Twitter is going to open live streaming API to allow companies to stream live videos on the microblogging site. This will let media companies to use its software directly for live streaming video. Until know Twitter allowed this only to those companies that had some deal with it. Another option has been through Periscope, the live video app from the social site.

When Twitter opens up livestreaming video, it will enter the same league as Facebook and YouTube.

Twitter’s Streaming Deals

Twitter has entered into several streaming deals in the past. Most of these deals have been with sporting associations and leagues. This includes a multi-million pound deal with the NFL. The latest move from the micro-blogging site will make it easier for media and content creation companies to add streaming video. Twitter though does allow Periscope users to stream live video using the app.

Facebook’s Livestreaming Features

Facebook Live has been an effective feature from the social networking giant for allowing short-form videos from celebrities and similar users. Gradually, Facebook has also begun allowing longer-form video content. Following on Twitter’s path, it has also signed deals with a number of sports leagues and franchises, with the Major League Soccer being one of the bigger names.

It is also known that Facebook has entered into partnerships with media companies for producing video. The list includes BuzzFeed and New York Times. These media partnerships are claimed to be short deals though. It is also looking for deals with creators and bringing more TV-like content through this service.

Twitter’s Livestreaming Efforts

It is expected that when Twitter opens API for video livestreaming, it will be available solely to the users and media partners the site decides. The ordinary users will still have to use the Periscope for their usual livestreaming needs. Instagram has also launched a new video livestreaming feature. When Twitter makes this new change, it is expected to enter into a direct competition with Facebook’s livestreaming feature, Facebook Live.

It is expected that the micro-blogging site is also going to enter into partnerships with many other companies providing relevant back-end services. Will this service go beyond the scope of Periscope in the future, it is something only time can tell. Still it seems that these websites have waited too long not to launch a full-fledged video livestreaming service.

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