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Twitter Testing New Features: Presence Indicators & ‘Ice Breakers’ to Boost Conversations

By November 1, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging site, has been known for its relatively higher engagement levels amongst social media sites. The website has begun testing new profile features. Presence indicators and ice breakers are the most prominent of these features. According to the company, the goal behind introducing the new features is to boost conversations, something that can be of great interest to advertisers.

New Features

Presence indicators indicate a user’s status, describing what they are doing when tweeting. The ‘Ice Breakers’ feature has been introduced to trigger more discussions. The company has also released images of proposed new designs that will be making their way to the service. One of the goals behind the new update is to promote positive discussions. It addresses this goal by helping users find other like-minded users to start discussion.

  • Presence Indicator: This feature can be compared to a similar feature in Facebook Messenger. It allows users to indicate that they are live on Twitter. The cue for this feature came from the point that many users would change together displayed names when they are live on the site. The user intent behind changing the names has been perceived to initiate conversations.
  • Ice Breaker: This feature is something of a variation of a pinned tweet. Users will be able to pin the ‘ice breaker’ atop their profile to let others know what they are interested in talking about. It will help in bringing more like-minded people together to discuss about a topic.
  • Followed-User Replies: Another new change is that users will now be able to see replies from followed accounts in different colour than the usual. This is done to invite people to participate with discussion with others whom they already know.
  • Reply Field: Now users can also find a reply option against a tweet. This button has been added because Twitter has found that a significant percentage of users still don’t know how to respond to a tweet (using the conversation bubble).

Another new change that could be coming to the micro-blogging site is the inclusion of current status when tweeting. Whenever a user tweets, they can show their current status too. All it requires is adding the status to the profile and then choosing the option to show it whenever they tweet.

These changes are expected to make Twitter an even better platform for high conversion rates. For more valuable information, it is recommended to visit where you can also seek the help of professional online marketers.