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Twitter Working on New Promotional Opportunities for Advertisers

By February 17, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

A lot has been happening at Twitter off late, and this means that new opportunities for advertisers could be in the offing. In the latest announcement by officials, the micro-blogging site is going to provide additional promotional opportunities for businesses. Twitter generates higher engagement level than its competitors and continues to gain importance.

TweetDeck Opportunities

It is expected that Twitter will now be focusing more on TweetDeck to monetize the advantage it has in the market. It was acquired by the company in 2011 and has emerged as a product of great value among its power users. Twitter had earlier introduced a ‘buy now’ button in a few regions but discontinued the feature last month.

Some of the other suggested ways of monetization include:

  • Stronger partnerships with sports leagues
  • Exploring opportunities with its logged-out users

Twitter has noticed growth in user base in the past quarters. Yet the social networking site has not increased its ad prices at the same rate to make advertising affordable and easier.

Twitter as an Emerging News Platform

Twitters importance in the news domain has increased significantly after the recent U.S. presidential election. With the new U.S. president using the platform to reach his followers using social network and several other similar developments, Twitter is also establishing itself as a source of news for many of its users.

News outlets, sports events, political events, and many others are taking Twitter more seriously than ever to reach their target audience. It is highly likely that the micro-blogging site could develop new programs to reach your target audience more effectively. The company CEO Jack Dorsey has also confirmed that it is going to work on developing improved ad products. As an advertiser, you can also expect its ad products to become simpler.

Twitter Growth

Twitter’s current active-user base has crossed 319 million. It grew by around 2 million users in the previous quarter. Its logged-out user base takes the overall base to a much larger size. If the company can bring many of those inactive users back, it can give a significant boost to its presence.

However, it is not the number of users that make Twitter unique in its domain. The micro-blogging site makes its presence felt in terms of the engagement level. This is what makes it such a great advertising platform.

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