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Two Unique Ways to Boost Search Rankings with Blog Posts

By September 8, 2016 No Comments

The first step to succeeding with SEO is to find the strategies that help you get results. Once you identify the most effective techniques for your business, it is important to focus all your resources into implementing them. Blogging has always been among the most effective SEO strategies. While posting fresh content regularly is a winning strategy, there are lots more that you can do to increase your traffic with your blog.

Update & Republish Your Existing Posts

Update your existing blog posts and you’ll be amazed to notice a jump in traffic. You could add new and more valuable information to your posts.

Also update the images and videos. This will create an improved and better version of your post.

While an update will itself draw the attention of search engine crawlers, you shouldn’t just wait for the spiders. Increase your updated posts’ exposure by sharing on social media and sending out newsletters.

This strategy can help in improving traffic by over 100%!

Turn YouTube Descriptions into Mini Blog Posts

Google gives a lot of ‘weight-age’ to video results from YouTube. Secondly, YouTube is a property of Google. This further enhances its importance in rankings!

So optimising your videos on this video-sharing site can have long term benefits for SEO.

It is recommended to create video descriptions of at least 200 words. It will help in ranking your keywords high in not only Google but also in YouTube.

Most people never take the video descriptions seriously. They’ll add just a few words into the box, never thinking twice how big an impact it’ll have on their SEO.

Like anything else, Google can only read texts to determine what your video is about. There’s no other way it can learn what the video content is about.

The two most important SEO elements of a YouTube video are:

  • Title
  • Description

Use these two elements wisely to rank higher on Google and YouTube.

A high-quality, 200-plus-word video description can be so powerful that it can help put your video on the first page of both YouTube and Google. It is as simple as that and you can achieve such high rank without wasting money or time.

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