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How to Use Content Marketing for Driving Conversions?

By February 10, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you want to nurture your prospects and move them through the sales funnel, start creating engaging and relevant content. There are so many ways you can create, optimise and distribute your content properties. Your content strategy can help in contributing to your business goals.

Questions to Ask When Creating Content

Ask yourself the following questions before you create content for promoting your business:

  • What makes your content both relevant and engaging to your targeted audience?
  •  How can you run lead-nurturing campaigns?
  • How can you keep a track over the impact of content marketing on conversions?
  • How are you can measure the ROI of content marketing?

Content Marketing Strategies

Your content marketing strategy should cover the following methods:

  • Create & Post Videos – You should also create videos and post them to promote your brand/products/services. It is believed that video is going to play a significant role in future content marketing.
  • Email Newsletters – Using newsletters can help you in driving traffic to your landing pages. Start with useful content through email and maintain the content standards on your site.
  • Use Social Media – Share your content multiple times on different social media sites. Share your posts on different day and times to draw the attention of more and more viewers.
  • Blog Regularly – This traditional content marketing strategy is still effective and should remain an important part of your overall strategy. Don’t just blog for the sake of it. Create a plan and calendar. The goal should be to create quality content and build authority.

Always Create SEO Friendly & Useful Content

Your focus should always be on creating content that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can find easily. Make use of SEO keyword research to determine ideal options which your target audience is already searching for. You could get ideas for topics from Google or even from your existing audience. People will be more than ready to share information on the kind of content they would like to read.

Make sure the content you create is optimised and has use. If there’s a demand for the information and it is useful, it will naturally help drive more traffic.

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