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How to Use Keyword Segmentation to Boost Returns?

By October 20, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

As CPCs continue to rise, businesses that rely on PLAs for a significant amount of their revenue should adopt effective methods for PLA optimisation. Many retailers optimise their PLAs for performance of product/product group, segmenting product/query combinations can help you achieve even better results. The following two methods will help you with keyword segmentation to boost your Google Shopping profits.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is an excellent method to find a large number of keywords. You can use the following methods to segment keywords in your AdWords campaigns:

  • Theme: If you have a product/service that’s referred by different names/categories, you will need different keywords related to each name/category.
  • Location: Your location-based keywords can be grouped by location. This can be done at the campaign level by targeting searchers against each location. It will be even better to segment location at keyword level. This will help in including location-based key terms in your CPC ads.
  • Product/Service: Create long tail keyphrase ads by segmenting your keywords by your multiple products/services. When you have several products or services, this will help in decreasing CPC. Your ads will become more relevant to your product pages, helping you increase your Click Through Rates (CTR).
  • Type of Keyword: Head and body keywords usually have only a brand name or product category. They have less potential for conversion. However, long tail keywords offer higher conversion rate even though they don’t generate as much traffic. So you should also segment your key phrases by type.

Google Analytics

Even though Google Analytics provides a lot of information, most users don’t make the most of it. Most use it only to keep an eye on their daily traffic.

You can also use Google Analytics to segment keywords.

  • When running your PPC campaigns reduce spending on low-performing ads and increase it on your high-performing keywords.
  • Evaluate your website for the landing pages against users who search for specific keyphrases.
  • Use your best-performing keyphrases on your home page.

Click on a keyword in Google Analytics and it will provide complete details about it. If your main landing page against your keyword doesn’t generate the desired volume of sales, you can run SEO campaigns for the targeted term to increase sales results.

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