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Using Google Analytics for Measuring your Responsive Website Performance

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You have recently developed a responsive website and want to know how your website is performing. You may be planning to implement responsive web design features to your current site. Howsoever your tryst with responsive design may be, you will need a good tool like Google Analytics to measure its performance and tweak it from time to time to ensure better results.

Default Segments in Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) provides you with many Advanced Segments. Given the growing number of smart devices, your focus should naturally be on Mobile and Tablet Traffic segments. You may choose other segments as well, but it is up to you to decide which one.

The Mobile Traffic segment will allow you to view how Android and iPhone users were interacting with your site. The Mobile and Tablet Traffic Advanced Segment could be used for viewing what both phone and tablet users were doing on your site.

Tablet Traffic segment can be used for seeing how tablet visitors (from specific models) are interacting with your site. Apply this segment and check the reports.

Apply the Segments

Once you have decided upon the segments, the next step is to apply them for the reports. You could also apply Mobile Traffic and Tablet Traffic separately to get more detailed information.

Using Google Analytics for Measuring your Responsive Website Performance 1

GA has Mobile Reports that provide valuable information about the latest mobile visitors to your site. Use the reports for creating Advanced Segments so that you can get accurate date for your mobile visitors. The benefit of this feature is that you can find enhanced usage from new screen size, operating system or mobile device that you hadn’t considered earlier. Make sure to check the reports from time to time and segment your data. You will be able to take advantage of any missed opportunities.

The type of information these reports can help achieve include:

  • Information about mobile device
  • Screen resolution and size
  • Operating system

Using Google Analytics is not that difficult. Almost anyone could use it. It can allow you to view traffic from all types of devices so that you could always improve your website’s design. Just implementing responsive design isn’t enough for the success of your website. Make sure to use GA or other tools to check and keep improving.

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